Hi Fellow crafties..

Hope you day has been more exciting than mine... Ive been catching up on the housework... not good as I could have been creating like mad and have more bits to share with you... mind you, as we are catching up with friends tonight, I did make a bourbon chocolate cake... mmmm... the sauce is absolutely awesome... lets put it this way... the sauce alone has nearly 3/4 of a cup in it... not one for the kiddies... mmm.. what a shame!!! Just for the adults... I wonder what its like on ice cream... have to try that one out!!!

Enough day dreaming... this is my attempt at a never ending card... there are lots of tutorials to view on the Internet... some more confusing than others... so my advise is google 'never ending cards' and chose for yourself what suits your way of learning... I started off with a bit of an idea on how to do it so I guess that helps.... any way, enough babbling... here is the card.

They are pretty cool... all these different looks on one card. They look a lot harder than they actually are to make. Very deceiving... you just keep flipping it open to reveal another part of the card...

Well, back to the kitchen for me now to finish tea.

Enjoy your day..

Luv Deb x

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