Saturday, 5 May 2012

Spoon Bloom

Hi All,

Not much card making today but I was on a flower mission... in between a million loads of washing... well not quite that many but it sure felt like it!!! I stumbled across some tutorials of flowers made with plastic spoons!!! Life would be mighty boring for the craft addicts if we didn't have the Internet!!! So off I went to the bargain store around the corner for my $2 bag of plastic spoons.

This is the link to one of the sites I found.

This is definitely a craft that needs to be either done outside or in a VERY ventilated area! Not something I would do on a daily basis, but fun anyway..
Instead of a candle, I used my trusty heat gun instead & it worked a treat!

If you have some old spoons laying around left over from a party, give this one a go. I would like to try a flatter smaller version down the track to use on cards..

Enjoy your day,
Till next time,

Luv Deb x

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