Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Whoo luvs yu baby???

Hi Fellow Crafties...

Well, I've been getting caught up with a few shows on TV and not doing a lot of crafting... naughty Deb!!! I don't know about you, but if I'm following a blog, I want regular blogging viewing... Its a bit like a TV soap, I need my regular up dates on whats going on... so I apologise it I have been non productive for a while...

Well here is a cute but strange little fellow I wanted to share with you,  he is a pendant made from Fimo. I have worn this little critter on a black leather choker to work to scare the children... mmm.. I didn't say that, did I???  Its quite  funny, you talk to some one and you see their eyes wonder down at your neck and you could almost hear them say... 'what the...???'  I think deep down, I only make these odd little creatures for the shock value.. as well as show them new things to make with press studs and polymer clay... still, I thought he was pretty cute...

For those of you 'whooo' are making Owl cards and after some sayings, I found these from splitcoast stampers... gotta luv the internet...
Hoot Hoot Hoot
No matter where you are or what you do, Owl always love you!
Owl always love you!
Owl be seeing you…
Owl's it goin'?
What a hoot!
Whooooooo loves ya, baby!
Whoooooo's thinking about you? Me! That's whoooooo!
You're a hoot to be friends with.
You're a hoot!
Yoo Hoo!
Knock, knock...Whoo's there?
You're tree-mendous!
From: you know whoo
Congrats on your new nest!
How egg-citing!
Owl always be here for you
Many Hoo-liday wishes!
A little bird told me...

Anyway, time for a cuppa and curl up on the lounge for a bit of TV viewing.

Keep craftin'... that includes me!!!

Luv Deb x

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