Little Cuties

Mornin' fellow Crafties...

Yay for Fridays... (I don't work... Fridays...) gotta luv a day off work.. that means more crafting time. Well the house work is calling, but I have a plan. Get stuck into the yucky work this morning as quick a humanly possible and relax this arvo in the craft room.

Yesterday I received a stack of new stamps... very excited... so playing with these is high on this afternoons agenda. My lovely other half has a birthday coming up as well as my brother in law so a couple of 'Boy' cards will also need to be done.... Its a hard life in the craft room... mmmm... not!!!

Well, today's blog is all about 'The Little Cuties'... this stamp set is from Prima... Yuki for Ruby Violet... lovin' the manic little Kittys... the loose threads from the buttons remind me of little feral cat whiskers..

Anyway, enough blogging for this morning... the housework awaits. Hopefully you will hear from me again very soon.

Enjoy your day,

Luv Deb x