My Little Pretty!


'Just try and stay out of my way. Just try! I'll get you, my pretty, and your little dog, too!'
Its hard to believe the Wizard Of Oz was made in 1939!!! Still, I think everyone knows a quote or 2 from the movie...
'Going so soon? I wouldn't hear of it. Why my little party's just beginning'... mmm... Gotta love the Wicked Witch!!!
I do sooooo love witches shoes! They are awesome!!!!
I have' googled' heaps of witches shoes and saw some similar to this one... and of course I simply had to give it a go... as you do!
'You cursed brat! Look what you've done! I'm melting! melting! Oh, what a world! What a world! Who would have thought a good little girl like you could destroy my beautiful wickedness? Oooooh, look out! I'm going! Oooooh! Ooooooh!'
Well time to go... my son is giving me the 'polite' evil eye... he is gaming on line and I am slowing his connection down... hee, hee, hee my Little Pretty!!!!
Till next time...
Luv Deb x