Happy 70th!

Hi De Ho fellow crafties,

Heading of tonight to celebrate Aunty Jens 70th, (Happy 70th Aunty Jen!!!) and just wanted to share the card I made for her...

I saw this done as just the pot and flowers but decided to see how it looked on a card...
I dragged out the trusty Stampin' Up Butterfly Punch to make the pansies... do pansies come in orange??? mmm... not sure... any way, I powered ahead and came up with this card. The flowers pull out to reveal the message... I recon this would be cool to have a gift voucher or scratchie attached to the bottom of the flowers. Yes, the mind boggles... unfortunately my mind never stops boggling... even when I sleep... zzzzz....

I've a couple of more posts to share and then time to put on my party shoes and go catch up with the relies over tea... had betta type quicker!!!

Enjoy your day,
Luv Deb x


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