Lesson with Christi Friesen!

OMG!!! I am soooooo excited!!!!!!!!

This Saturday I'm going to a lesson with the awesomely talented Christi Friesen from America!!! For those of you who are thinking 'what the... who is this Christi, and what does she do???'
Well, she is one of those special people who has taken what she loves and 'Lives it' to to fullest. She basically works with polymer clay mixing this with all sorts of metals, beads, stones, fibre etc etc... I simply cannot explain it all... you have go to go to her website..


Check out the link below for more info of the class I  will be attending... its to make stained glass polymer clay pendants... (as pictured above)


I will definitely post my finished product!!! I also would love to share my past 'Polymer' creations with you, so stay tuned...
I purchased all her book about 6 months ago and reading them alone is an experience in itself... she is such a talented artist as well as writer... so reading her books gave me a glimpse of the real Christi... not normal, slightly touched but oh so wonderful!!!

I'm counting down the sleeps... zzz
Bye for now..
Luv Deb x