Stained Glass Polymer Clay!

Hi All,

Well, what can I say... yesterday I had the absolute privilege to spend the morning with Christi Friesen... we all laughed, learnt & clayed our hearts out!!! I have to say, she was one of a kind, beautiful, crazy and awesomely talented lady!!! I you haven't already, please check out her website on this link...

This was one of my creations made on the day.... sooooo addictive!! I want to play some more!!!!!!

The beautiful shimmer you can see is mica powder... we had so many yummy glitters to add but I just stuck with the powders, they were simply stunning. The clay used to get this effect was a blend of translucent, tiny bit of white, and a little colour.. this was then 'mushed' (the technical description) together and put through the trusty pasta machine, rolled into cylinders, wrapped in black clay.... rolled some more... shaped, cut and hey presto... you have the look of stained glass... AWESOME!!! The left overs were made into heart pendants... you will see these in Christi's website... great way to use the scraps.. I will post this too when I finish with some beads and leather strap etc... stay tuned!!

Simply, this was a morning I will never forget!!!
Playing with Polymer clay is definitely a thing you have to put on  your 'to do' list!

 Please, please, please check out Chrisis website and see what all the excitement is about...

Will chat soon...
Luv Deb x