Little Boy Blue

Hi De Ho Fellow Crafties..

While we are on the dinosaur trail I thought I would share with you all another creature I made using polymer clay. Dafney was made with this little cutie in mind...
I made Little Blue after reading the lovely Christi Friesens Dragons Book. Here is the link if you want to check it out..

They all have the cutest little faces and they become so addictive to make. He is only 5 x 7 Cm's so he doesn't eat much or take up too much room.

This is how he started... bit naked... but still cute!

A few beads added, and lots of awww... I love him.... he's sooo cute... LOOOK!!!!
Yes... I'm a bit tragic when little cute critters are concerned...

...and here he is... not quite so naked.

Hope you liked him enough to be inspired to make your own little cute fire breathing dragon...

Bye for now,
Laugh Lots!!!

Luv Deb