Polymer Pendants

Morning Fellow Crafties,

Well I hope you are all eating chocolate for breakfast... that is a must to at Easter... followed by a hot chocolate and maybe a bowl of coco pops for that finishing touch for the start of the chocolate overload weekend!!! Enjoy fellow chocoholics!!!! mmmmmmm.... chocolate.... mmmm...

Well, its 7.28 in the morning and I have nestled nicely in the craft room ready for a productive day.. gotta love public holidays!!

While we are still on the subject of polymer clay, I wanted to show you the some of the pendants I have made....

Well my friends, enough clay talk... I'm on an origami mission today! Dresses & shirts... oh, the joy of you tube!!! I'm a bit unco when It comes to origami... I look and think, 'I can do that', and after many attempts the bin gets fuller & fuller with my screwed up feeble attempts!!! (these are always the amazing full on designs) So... I have stuck to the basics for now... stay tuned!

Enjoy today and have a safe & happy Easter!!
Luv Deb x