The Tea Box

Howdie Ho Fellow Crafties...

One last post for the night...

This little box was made using the leftover bits... as you all can see... didn't quite get to doing cards...
Anyway, just wanted to share 'The Tea Box' before I hunt and gather more food for my son... gotta love a 14 year old that is literally a bottomless pit!! The words 'I'm hungry' constantly ring...

Till next time,
Luv Deb x


  1. HI DEB,
    Third time lucky!!! It's Jan here from the lucky group down at Aldinga that got to make your GORGEOUS hydrangea cards. My!! We had a wonderful time making the cards. I am sending mine to a Norwegian relative who just lost her mother. Just the thing to cheer her up. You are soooo generous fixing up the kits for us and we all really appreciated all that you did. Very caring. Your mom was a great teacher and she had fun too.

    Lyn also showed us how to do the origami shirts with ties. I've rounded the corner on the sleeves and added a bow instead of a tie and will be teaching my 8 year old granddaughter how to make one tomorrow for a Mother's Day card. She'll love it. Also looked up on the net how to make a dress. I've made a couple and love them,but a bit too complicated for my granddaughter. Thinner paper is best.

    One day I will get to meet you. Have met your son a few times. Fine young man! And we love your parents. They are very special.

    Thank you so much for all that you gave us for our big weekend.


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