Week 10... Karen Michel inspired Art Journal....

Hi all...

Week 10 at the Wanderlust 'School of Awesomeness...' featured Karen Michel lesson on creating gorgeous Journals out of old books... great to watch and learn  a new binding technique I haven't tried before... this is my take on her journal...

Inside is filled with various papers, ribbon & fabric to write, draw, stick, staple any bits of 'yumminess' to that you want to keep, collect or create... as I didn't have any old books to dismantle, I made my own out of some hard board I had kept for such a project... I'm a bit of a scrounger & collector of anything that resembles Kraft board or paper... 

I have a heap of other fabrics that I intend to make some more of these cute  Journals...

Till next time...
Luv Deb x


  1. Hi Deb,
    I love love love your journal. You have chosen wonderful materials and you made a very nice closure.


    1. Thanks Evelyn... I'm off to my 'Craft Shed' for the day to make some more... I have some gorgeous fabrics waiting on my work bench... these are fun to make!!! Deb x

  2. This is awesome!

    1. Thanks... there is something quite organic about fabric and twine on journals... they feel quite unique... Deb x

  3. Love your journal! Super fabric and the closure is a great idea too. (Can't wait to have a go at this but my Wanderlust journey has temporarily stalled after a wrist operation.)


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